The FabLab offers access to both laser cutting and 3D printing, allowing students to quickly prototype designs, this equipment is supported by our computer room which includes 2 high spec workstations running industry standard spatial design software, alongside the full adobe suite. Studio residents have access to the sustainable product design space which is equipped with hot plates, dehydrators, measuring equipment and fabric processing facility. Our studio residents have been experimenting with bioplastics and sustainable dye making.

Permanent Workbench is available for all types of makers in The Margate School's FabLab. 

Access is 7 days a week (8am-11pm) to our workshop, facilities and your permanent workbench. 

The FabLab workspace includes access and induction to:

    -Laser Cutting
    -3D printing
    -Screen Printing facilities
    -Sewing machines
    -High Performance Computer Suite + full Adobe Creative Cloud
    -VR Equipment

FabLab members also benefit from discounted access to our darkroom, short courses and guest lecture series. Technical assistance will be available to get you comfortable utilising CAD/CAM processes. 

FabLab membership is £85 pcm for a minimum of 6 months. 

If you have any queries please message

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